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Executive Coaching

Explore Goals & Dreams + Identify Challenges + Reinforce Strengths + Dispel Self-Doubt + Adopt New Ways of Coping = ACHIEVE SUCCESS

C-Suite executives, business owners, and other senior-level professionals are high-performing, competitive individuals wired to control, direct, and produce results. Given the nature of their work, these professionals are constantly under enormous pressure to exceed their own internal expectations as well as the expectations of external stakeholders. As a result, our executive-level clients often struggle in balancing their professional and personal lives, and battle through insidious periods of chronic stress, depression, and anxiety, which they often keep to themselves and try to tackle alone – sometimes by self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. In Vivo provides its executive-level clients with confidential, discreet coaching and support to build accurate self-awareness, dispel self-doubt, and develop healthy coping strategies to reinvigorate their business, career and relationships.